Join Moose! We exist to make kids Superhappy. Fun is at the heart of everything we do, but we are also very serious about the important stuff: Our People, Our Values and the Planet.

Family and Culture

We’re a family

Moose began as a small family company in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Fast forward two decades, and we still haven’t lost that family feel that makes Moose such a unique place to work. Everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome, accepted, and energised to be part of a bigger purpose.

We love diversity

When we say ‘All Welcome’ at Moose, we really mean it. We’re striving to create a workplace where our richly diverse people, customers and partners can thrive and feel connected. It’s a place where you can truly be yourself, and be celebrated for it too.

We’re officially a Great PlaceTo Work®

We’re officially certified in all regions by Great Places To Work. We’re also listed as a Best Workplace in 2023 in the UK, China and Vietnam, plus a Best Workplace for Wellbeing and for Women in the UK for 2023.

What we ask of you

Bring your whole self and all of your life experience, wisdom and ideas to Moose. Embrace your own differences and those of others, and the unique contribution everyone can make… Relationships and collaboration are core. Team players thrive.

Purpose and Passion

We dream big

Our goal is to be the most innovative toy company in the world. We know big dreams don’t just happen on their own, so we’re assembling the best people, the right equipment, and game-changing processes to foster innovation throughout the entire company. We’re here to WOWkids, and the toy industry too.

We’re always learning

If you’re serious about professional development, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to push your career to the next level, or just sharpen up your skills, we’re committed to providing the learning opportunities to help accelerate your potential.

We give back in a big way

In the past seven years, we have donated $16.8 million to our charity partners. We measure our impact through the number of smiles achieved and we’re currently tracking at 3.8m and growing every day.

We’re serious about sustainability

We’re looking at how we can reduce emissions across our entire business to achieve our goal of NetZero by 2040. We’ve also kicked off Project Circularity which focuses on using recycled materials, reducing plastics and promoting recyclability in our products.

What we ask of you

Be passionate about our Purpose. Be curious. Challenge the status quo. Constantly look for ways to improve yourself, your team, and the Moosefamily as we look to be the most innovative, sustainable and giving toy company in the world.

Balance and Wellbeing

We prioritise wellbeing

Everyone’s idea of wellbeing is different. That’s why we havea whole range of policies and programs to support work/life balance and mental and physical health. Here’s a few highlights: Hybrid work, onsite gym, subsidised personal training, free fresh fruit, yoga, and doggos inthe office.

We bring the fun

Working at Moose comes with loads of playful perks like an onsite gym, fitness classes, celebrations and special events, a vegetable patch, regular guest speakers, reward and recognition programs, bring your dog to work, and a school holiday program for the kids.

What we ask of you

Bring the fun, and your commitment to a work / life balance that will empower you to be your best. We are here to support wellness your way.