Lost Lands Skull Island S1 Treasure Tower Pack Lava Tower

$14.99 USD

Introducing the NEW Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island Lava Tower!

It includes 15 Levels of Adventure! Survive the traps and discover 2 Micro Sized figures! Will you find Real Gold Dipped Treasure? 3 Treasure Tower playsets to collect in total!

15 Levels of Adventure!

The Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island Lava Tower has 15 levels of adventure for kids to discover! Throughout their journey, kids will discover 2 Micro Sized Figures, Clifford & Magma Scar and reveal the temples hidden secrets whilst dodging its traps in the hunt for Real Gold Dipped Treasure! Can they escape the Lava ooze, survive the bridge, grab the treasure and climb up the ladder for safety?

Three Different Playsets

The Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island Treasure Tower Pack has 3 different towers for kids to discover and explore. Children will love adventuring through the Swamp, Frost and Lava Tower.

Real Gold Treasure?

There are 3 treasures to find in the Treasure X Lost Lands Treasure Towers! Boys and girls will explore the Lava Tower in search of real gold dipped treasure - the gold Treasure X Skull! 1 in 12 packs includes real dipped gold treasure.

What's included?

1 x Playset

2 x Characters

2 x Accessories

1 x Treasure

1 x Instruction Manual

35 g (1.23 OZ) 'Swamp Ooze' With TPR