Lost Lands Skull Island S1 Skull Temple Mega Playset

$39.99 USD

Introducing the NEW Treasure X - Skull Temple Mega Playset!

It includes 40 Levels of Adventure! Survive the traps and discover 4 Micro Sized figures! Includes guaranteed Real Gold Dipped Treasure.

40 Levels of Adventure!

The Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island Skull Temple Mega Playset offers a massive 40 different levels of adventure for kids to explore. When kids open their Temple, they will discover a world full of traps and tasks to perform as they unlock the treasure! They'll find secrets in the ooze, rolling boulders and hidden keys. There's a crystal to reveal and real gold dipped treasure to find as they crush and blast their way through the Temple and even find secret doorways!

Collect The Figures!

There are 4 different and EXCLUSIVE 1" Micro Figures for kids to search for and collect in the Lost Lands Skull Island Skull Temple! Find them hidden throughout the Temple and help them escape! Meet Hunta, Batboy, Aragog and Venom!

Guaranteed Real Gold Treasure?

Inside the Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island Skull Temple Mega Playset is a guarantee of finding real gold dipped treasure! There are in fact 2 treasures to find in the in the Skull Temple; one being real gold dipped and one being a crystal treasure which helps unlock the gold treasure!

What's included?

1 x Playset

4 x Figures

8 x Accessories

1 x Treasure

1 x Instruction Manual

7 g (.25 OZ) 'Boulder Rubble'

35 g 91.23 OZ) 'Snake Pit Ooze' With TPR