Dissection Aliens S2 Mini Alien Dissection

$9.99 USD

Slimy, gooey surprise-reveal experience that is out of this world!

Dissect the alien, save the Treasure Hunters and discover the amazing treasures from around the galaxy! With 3 collectible Alien Treasure Hunter figures AND the chance to find real gold-dipped treasure, it's an oozy, goey alien, reveal experience that is not to be missed!

8" (20cm) Tall Alien!

Don't be fooled by the smaller 8" (20cm) tall Mini Alien, it may be smaller in size, but it promises an immersive adventure! As children dive into this smaller extra-terrestrial Alien, they'll uncover a series of hidden suprises!

Real Gold Dipped Treasure?

Embark on an extra-terrestrial adventure through the cosmo as you unearth a multitude of surprises hidden with the MINI Alien! Will your little adventurer happen to discover the Alien's REAL GOLD DIPPED TREASURE?

Mix & Match Aliens!

Dissect the 8" (20cm) tall alien and search through its organs to rescue the Alien Treasure Hunters trapped within the oozy, squishy GOO! Quickly mix, match, and swap their body parts to assemble them together!

Squishy, Oozy and Stretchy Fun!

As children dissect the alien, they'll find its organs! Watch as your young adventurer rips the organs open to discover 2 squishy, stretchy, oozy fillings! Who doesn’t love a slimy, gooey, and oozy space adventure?

What's included?

1 x Slime & TPR Noodles

1 x Alien Bug

4 x Treasure

1 x Alien Vessel

2 x Figures

4 x Stickers

3 x Weapons

1 x Slime

2 x Reusable Bags