Dissection Aliens Mega Alien Dissection

$19.99 USD

Treasure X Mega Alien Dissection with 35 plus surprises inside!

Dissect the 12' tall alien's organs to rescue 4 Alien Treasure Hunters. Discover 9 different alien weapons, 7 stickers plus 4 alien treasures! Will your child find a REAL Gold Dipped Treasure?

The Biggest Treasure X Alien Yet!

Prepare to be amazed by the colossal scale of an enormous 12" tall alien that promises an immersive adventure of exploration. As children delve into this massive extraterrestrial body, they'll uncover a world of surprises on an unprecedented scale.

So Many Surprise Inside!

Within the huge confines of the 12" alien, a collection of over 35 surprises eagerly awaits discovery. With each unveiling, kids are immersed in an enthralling adventure that keeps them engaged and entertained throughout their cosmic journey. As well as 4 Alien Treasure Hunters, there are 9 different alien weapons and accessories, along with 7 cool alien stickers plus 4 Alien Treasures from around the galaxy to discover!

Mix & Match Aliens!

Unleashing endless creativity, children can mix and match alien body parts, swapping components to craft their own unique extraterrestrial beings. Plus, the inclusion of 9 diverse alien weapons and accessories allows kids to defend the galaxy from extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Squishy, Oozy and Stretchy Fun!

As kids dissect the alien, they'll encounter the intriguing array of 4 organs - heart, eyeballs, guts, and brain - each concealing Alien Treasure Hunters immersed in a captivating medley of oozy, squishy, and stretchy compounds. From snake-infested Alien Guts to noodle-ridden Alien Brain Ooze, the tactile experience of exploring Alien Eyeball Golden Goo and Alien Heart Slime adds an element of wonder to the adventure!

What's included?

1 x Large Figure

4 x Small Figures

9 x Blasters

4 x Treasures

7 x Stickers

2 x Bag Ooze & TPR Noodles

2 x Bag Ooze