Scented Backpack Single Pack

$9.99 USD

Scented surprise micro backpacks!

Real Littles - Scented Surprise Micro Backpacks. Soft, fluffy, cute food and animal themed Micro Backpack with 5 scented real working micro stationery surprises inside! 6 to collect.

A feast for the senses!

Real Littles Scented Backpacks - Cute, tiny backpacks that smell delicious and really work!

Stationery surprises

Real Littles Scented Backpacks are filled with REAL mini collectible scented stationery surprises! 

Collect them all

There are 6 mini animal and food themed scented backpacks in different colors and finishes to collect: Bunilla Ice Cream, Rainbow Pupcorn, Meow Meow Donut, Fruity Fox Bubble Gum, Strawberry Boba, and Koala Sprinkle Cake!

Handy clip

Kids can use the clip to attach to their school bag or jeans! 

What's included?

1 x Micro Toy Backpack

5 x Micro Toy Surprises

1 x Carabiner