Pickleball Blast

$19.99 USD

Pickleball Blast - The Pickle Smackdown Game!

Perfect for kids aged 6 and up. Boys and girls will love to smash the wildly wiggling pickle with their Pickleball Paddle and try to flip over the Pickle Jar lids to win! For 2 people, aged 6+.

From the Court to the Tabletop!

The hottest paddle sport around has been shrunk down and been given a whole new shot of fun! Introducing Pickleball Blast - The Pickleball Smackdown Game! Now you, your family and friends can play an action pack fun-filled game of Pickleball inside! We've miniaturized the court and added some crazy features to make this version of Pickleball the most fun you'll ever play! Get ready for some Smackdown silliness!

Battle Across The Net!

Get ready for a fast-paced face-to-face battle as you and your kids take on each other in Pickleball Blast! Smackdown that Pickle on the skewer with your Paddle. Players can hit the Pickle back and forth, but watch out that Pickle is a tricky target! It's uniquely weighted which means that every hit can be spiked back at YOU and you are never sure exactly where that Pickle is going!

Flip Your Lid!

The aim of the game is to flip the lid of your opponent's Pickle Jars with the Pickle! Each player has 3 Pickle Jars in their court. The first player to flip over two of the three Pickle Lids on your opponent's side scores! When you lose a point you need to say "I've been pickled!" Players as young as 6 can track their score on the Score Slider on the side of the Pickle Board. First player to 4 points WINS!

Get Into A Pickle With Friends

Pickleboard Blast is a great game for 2 people, ages 6+. If there are more than 2 people wanting to play, why not play as teams and take turns competing. Ideal to play with friends and family members!

What's included?

1 x Pickle Board

6 x Pickle Jars

1 x Net and Pickle

2 x Net Stands

2 x Net Connectors

2 x Paddles

1 x Label Sheet