MrBeast Lab Vinyl Figure

$14.99 USD

Introducing the NEW MrBeast Lab Vinyl Figures!

3.5"/8.8cm tall. Encased in premium packaging. 4 to collect: Classic Panther, Hyper Panther, Glow Panther and the rare Metallic Panther.

3.5" (8.8cm Tall)

The EPIC MrBeast Lab Vinyl Figures each stand at 3.5" (8.8cm) tall.

Premium Displayable Packaging

Each of the four MrBeast Lab Vinyl Figures is encased in premium packaging. Be the envy of all collectors and display the Vinyl Figure within the MrBeast-designed packaging

Unique Design and Finishes

Each MrBeast Lab Vinyl Figure has a unique design and finish. The Iconic Panther displays MrBeast's signature blue, the Hyper Panther has a translucent design, while the rare Metallic Panther has a shiny metal finish, and finally, the Glow Panther Glows-in-the-Dark.

Collect Them All

There are four MrBeast Panther Vinyl Figures to collect including: Classic, Hyper, Glow and the rare Metallic. Collect them all.

What's included?

1 x Figure