Swarms Mega Lab 12 Pack

$19.99 USD

Create Your MrBeast Lab Swarms!

Each pack features 12 Swarms, including the GUARANTEED Special Edition Hard Head Panther. Conduct the experiment: add water, shake the test tube, and reveal 4 out of 12 1-inch (2.5cm) MrBeast Lab Swarms. Over 100 to collect, including the Limited Edition Hyperchrome Panther (only 1000 available.)

Epic reveal

Prepare for the ULTIMATE experiment as collectors unleash 2 of the 5 chaotic MrBeast-inspired characters in the pack. Collectors will add water into the test tube, give it a vigorous shake, and witness the Swarms emerge from a cluster of fizz.

Guaranteed Swarms

Each pack guarantees two EPIC Swarms, including the coveted Special Edition Hard Head Panther and an ultra-rare Panther.

Over 100 to collect

There are over 100 unique 1" (2.5cm) MrBeast Lab Swarms to collect. Each Swarm belongs to one of 7 distinct teams, such as Home Horrors & Techno Terrors, with some Swarms equipped with unique features such as Glow in the Dark & Color Changing. Which team will capture your collector's heart, and which team will they complete first?

Limited edition - Hyperchrome Panther

Included in the over 100 unique MrBeast Lab Swarms is the coveted Hyperchrome Panther. But hurry, as only 1000 Hyperchrome Panthers are available for discovery.

What's included?

1 x Collector Guide

2 x Dissolvable Paper Bag

12 x Figure

2 x Fizz Compound

2 x Test Tube & Cap