Swarms Lab 5 Pack

$9.99 USD

Create Your MrBeast Lab Swarms!

Each pack features 5 Swarms, including the Special Edition Hard Head Panther and an ultra-rare Panther. Conduct the experiment: add water, shake the test tube, and reveal 2 out of 5 1-inch (2.5cm) MrBeast Lab Swarms in the pack. Over 100 to collect, including the Limited Edition Hyperchrome Panther (only 1000 available.)

Epic Reveal

Prepare for the ULTIMATE experiment as collectors unleash 2 of the 5 chaotic MrBeast-inspired characters in the pack. Collectors will add water into the test tube, give it a vigorous shake, and witness the Swarms emerge from a cluster of fizz.

Guaranteed Swarms

Each pack guarantees two EPIC Swarms, including the coveted Special Edition Hard Head Panther and an ultra-rare Panther.

Over 100 to Collect

There are over 100 unique 1" (2.5cm) MrBeast Lab Swarms to collect. Each Swarm belongs to one of 7 distinct teams, such as Home Horrors & Techno Terrors, with some Swarms equipped with unique features such as Glow in the Dark & Color Changing. Which team will capture your collector's heart, and which team will they complete first?

Limited Edition - Hyperchrome Panther

Included in the over 100 unique MrBeast Lab Swarms is the rare & coveted Hyperchrome Panther. But hurry, as only 1000 Hyperchrome Panthers are available for discovery.

What's included?

1 x Collector Guide

1 x Dissolvable Paper Bag

5 x Figure

1 x Fizz Compound

1 x Test Tube & Cap