Mutators Mutation Chamber Stealth Panther

$24.99 USD

Introducing the New MrBeast Lab Mutators - Iconic Panther!

Elevate the thrill of experimentation with this MrBeast-inspired action figure. Standing at 5.5" (13cm) tall with over 20 points of articulation, the Iconic Panther is crafted to include MrBeast's signature pink and blue colors. Add mutation liquid, press the fingerprint scanner, and watch it come to life. Collect Iconic, Stealth, and Metallic Mutators for an EPIC adventure.

5.5" (13cm) Tall

The MrBeast Lab Mutator - Stealth Panther stands at 5.5" (13cm) tall.

Perform the experiment, reveal the Beast

To mutate the MrBeast Lab Mutator Panther, add the mutation liquid to the chamber, press the fingerprint scanner, and watch as your panther reveals itself and is brought to life.

Highly articulated figures

The MrBeast Lab Stealth Panther has an impressive number of articulation points. In fact, there are over 20, making this figure extremely posable and playable.

What MrBeast Panther will you mutate?

There are three MrBeast Lab Mutators to collect, each crafted to mirror MrBeast's signature panther, including: Iconic, Stealth, and Metallic.

What's included?

1 x Playset

1 x Action Figure

1 x Experiment Kit, Single Use

1 x Instruction Manual