Magical Gem Surprise Cauldron Sun

$19.99 USD

Welcome to the world of Magic Mixies Shimmerverse Cauldron!

You will be amazed to see what magically appears from your cauldron once you've added your magic ingredients and finished casting your magic spell! Which Magic Mixie Plushie will you create first? Once you’ve mixed your ingredients and cast your spell, your new Sun Mixie Plushie will be revealed right before your eyes! Push the crystal gem on its forehead to see a beautiful shimmer effect in the Mixie's eyes. With 4 new Mixie Plushies Cauldrons to collect, the world of magical shimmer is yours to explore.

Discover the elements

Be amazed as a gem magically pops up out of your fizzing Cauldron to reveal an elemental Mixie Plushie and Magic Ring inside!

Watch the magic unfold

Add the Bubble 'N' Fizz Dust, name your Mixie Plushie with the naming scroll and then pour in water with your included wand! Watch the magic unfold as your Cauldron bubbles and fizzes before a magical reveal! Press down the crystal gem on your Magic Mixies Plushie's forehead and tilt forwards and backwards to see the shimmer effect in the eyes!

Collect them all

Who will you magically create? There are 2 Mixie Plushies to collect!

What's included?

1 x 3 Rock Fizz Powder

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Paper Scroll

1 x Plush Toy

1 x Toy Bottle Accessory

1 x Toy Cauldron

1 x Toy Gem Case

1 x Toy Ring Accessory