Magical Gem Surprise Cauldron

$19.99 USD

Welcome to the Shimmerverse!

With a pop-up gem reveal from the fizzing cauldron, create an Elemental Mixie Plushie and Magic Ring. Press down the crystal gem on their forehead and watch the beautiful shimmer effect appear in the Mixie's eyes. Discover both the Sun and Moon Magic! 4 to collect.

Bubble and fizz potion making

Kids will love making their potion and watching their Cauldron bubble and fizz using the included ingredients! Watch their anticipation build as they wait to see what appears as the fizz disappears!

Pop up crystal gem reveal

Say the magic words "Magicus Mixus" and see a truly magical reveal! As the cauldron is fizzing and bubbling, a crystal gem magically pops-up out of the bubbles, revealing a special elemental Mixie Plushie and Magic Elemental Ring!

6 magical steps

Unlock elemental magic by following 6 magical steps! Start by adding in the Bubble 'N' Fizz Dust, write your Mixie’s name on the Naming Scroll and drop it inside, then use the included wand to add water. The Cauldron then bubbles and fizzes, revealing a magic Gem that pops out! Finally, press down the crystal gems on the Mixies' forehead and watch the beautiful shimmer effect appear in the Mixie's eyes and discover the magic of the included color-change ring!

4 Mixie plushies to create and collect!

There are 2 Sun Mixie Plushies and 2 Moon Mixie plushies to create! Each non-electronic Mixie Plushie comes with shimmer magic – just tilt the Mixie Plushie forwards and backwards to see the shimmer effect in the eyes!

What's included?

1 x 3 Rock Fizz Powder

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Paper Scroll

1 x Plush Toy

1 x Toy Cauldron

1 x Toy Gem Case

1 x Toy Ring Accessory

1 x Toy Bottle Accessory