Genie Lamp Blue

$64.99 USD

Magicus Mixus!

Real magic has returned in the form of the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp! Perform the magic steps, reveal the magic ring and a blue Genie Mixie from inside this magical, real misting Genie Lamp with over 60 different lights, sounds and reactions!

Real misting magic lamp

With a rub and a cloud of mist, the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp comes alive. Unlock the secrets within as you awaken the Genie Mixie and embark on a magical journey filled with wishes, play, and charming conversations using their own Mixie language. Experience the wonder as your child's dreams and imagination come true with this truly magical interactive toy.

Make a powerful magic ring

Your child can perform the magic steps to reveal a magic ring! This special ring with its magical gem gives your child the power to interact with their Genie Mixie! Once your blue Mixie has been revealed, the magic ring can be used to make wishes with your Genie. When the magic ring is in their hands, the real fun begins. With the ring securely placed on their finger, your child can make wishes with their Genie Mixie. By using the light-up gem on the Genie's forehead, they can request wishes. It's up to the Genie whether they are to be granted or denied!

Reveal your mixie

To awaken their Genie Mixie from its slumber, your child needs to follow the steps and gently shake and rub the lamp to make it come to life. As it emits a mystical mist from its spout and illuminates its gem, it's time to say the magic words - "Magicus Mixus". The Genie Mixie magically emerges, ready to embark on an enchanting adventure. The magic has only just begun!

Wish granting and more

Tap the back of the magic ring against your Mixie's gem and then tell the Mixie your wish. The gem on your Mixie's head will change color depending on whether the wish is granted or denied! When speaking to your Mixie, it will also respond in its own Mixie language. The Mixie can also be balanced on top of the Magic Ring, or on the Magic Genie Lamp's spout for additional fun. Your child will be "spellbound" and eager to embark on endless imaginative journeys with their newfound Genie friend.

Keep the magic happening

You can make Real Magic happen again and again with the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp! With a magical reset, you can reveal your Genie Mixie over and over, or you can make other items or objects at home rise out of the Lamp from the mist! To recreate the magic for family and friends, you can purchase a Magical Mist Refill Pack (sold separately). The Magical Mist Refill Pack provides you with over 80 mist reveals and can be used with the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp, so the magic never ends!

What's included?

1 x Playset

1 x Electronic Figure

1 x Accessory

2 x Instruction Booklets

6 x AA Batteries

3 x AG13 (LR44) Batteries