Crystal Ball Pink

$84.99 USD

Real magic returns!

Cast your spell and create a fortune telling pet inside the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball! Use your light up, interactive wand to cast spells and be amazed as your Mixie appears from the mist! Then, use your magic wand to perform spells, play a game and have your fortune told by your Mixie! Repeat the reveal again and again or use your Magical Crystal Ball as a Night-Light! Who will you magically create?

A real magical wand

Unlock Real Magic with your Magic Mixies Magic Wand! With a spell-binding light-up tip, be amazed as it interacts with the Crystal Ball and your Magic Mixie. Master the wand movements to move through the creation process and reveal different types of magic! Jiggle your Wand upwards to summon magical sunshine, pitch your Mixie’s voice higher and see the colors of a magical rainbow inside the Crystal Ball. Jiggle your Wand downwards to gather mystical moonlight, make your Mixie’s voice deeper and see a magical color glow show! Lastly, wave your Wand up and down to make the rainbow colors magically dance and hear your Mixie sing a special song from inside the Crystal Ball! Your magic wand also unlocks the magic of your Mixie!

Real Misting Crystal Ball

So Magical! Use your magic wand to summon REAL magic mist inside your Crystal Ball. As the mist gently moves around inside the Crystal Ball, it lights up with different colors for a truly magical experience. When you’ve finished your creation spell, say the magic words "MAGICUS MIXUS" and the mist will disappear to reveal your fortune telling Magic Mixie inside the Crystal Ball! So fun and so safe, you can then re-summon the magic mist to reset your Crystal Ball!

Fortune telling fun

During the creation process, you will teach your Magic Mixie mysterious fortune telling abilities. To test these abilities, once you remove your Mixie from the Crystal Ball, squeeze down on your Mixie's belly and wait to hear the magic words "Magicus Fortunus"! Then, ask your Mixie a "yes" or "no" question and stop squeezing! Your Magic Mixie will answer your fortune using the light-up gems on their forehead! Will your fortune come true, is it not in your future or is your Mixie unsure? You can also use your magic wand to cast different spells and play a fun color match game with your Mixie!

Keep the magic happening!

You can make Real Magic happen again and again with the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball! With a magical reset, you can reveal your Mixie over and over, or you can make other items or objects at home appear from the mist! To recreate the magic for family and friends, you can purchase a Magical Mist Refill Pack (sold separately). The Magical Mist Refill Pack provides you with over 80 mist reveals and can also be used with the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, so the magic never ends!

Make a magical night-light

The Magic Mixies Crystal Ball can also be used as a magical illuminated Night-Light to give your childs bedroom a soft magical glow! There are two ways to use the Crystal Ball as a Night-Light. You can use its "Misting" mode and fill the ball with magical mist or use it in its "Lighting" mode for colorful soft glowing Crystal Ball without mist. Your child can also move their magic wand and make the Crystal Ball light up the same color as the tip of their wand! The Ball will glow for 30 minutes before turning itself off.

What's included?

1 X Playset

1 X Electronic Figure

1 X Accessory

2 X Instruction Books

4 X Aaa Batteries

6 X Aa Batteries