Minis S1 9 Pack

$9.99 USD

Magic Mixies Minis Shimmerverse Series!

Mini sized Magic Mixies figures with 5 new magical powers to reveal. Magic Mixies Minis 9 Pack contains 9 Minis toy figures including 2 Hidden Mixies inside a Cauldron and magic potion for kids to perform a magical fizzing reveal! 90 to collect!

Small in size. Big in surprise!

Despite their small size, Magic Mixies Minis pack a substantial magical surprise, using Enchanted Elemental Gems for glittering magic reveals that captivate and delight. These tiny wonders may be smaller than their standard Magic Mixie counterparts, but their ability to bring big magic to life remains just as strong, ensuring the magic of the Shimmerverse shines brightly in every adventure.

A magical potion reveal

The enchantment of the Magic Mixies Minis comes alive as children combine their ingredients and mix their own magic potion to reveal 2 Mini Mixies hidden within a Cauldron. This captivating process, where fizzing and bubbling potions unveil the magical figures, offers a unique and interactive experience that merges the joy of discovery with the thrill of magical creation.

Magic Mixies Minis 9 Pack

The Magic Mixies Minis 9 Pack features a total of 9 Mini toy figures, including 1 Special Edition Rainbow Mini Mixie. Concealed within a Collector's Cauldron are 2 of these Minis, which are revealed once a magical potion is created. Collectors are invited to gather all 90 Magic Mixies Minis, each belonging to one of 5 unique magic powers, to explore the enchanting world of the Shimmerverse.

Store the Mixies in their cauldron!

The Collector's Cauldron not only serves as a magical gateway for unveiling new Mini Mixies but also doubles as a charming storage solution, allowing children to safely house their collected Mini Mixies. This versatile accessory enhances the play experience, encouraging kids to keep their miniature magical companions organized and ready for their next enchanting adventure in the Shimmerverse.

Limited edition light-up Heira

Unearthing a Limited Edition Light-up Heira amidst the Magic Mixies Minis adds an extra layer of excitement to the collecting experience. This elusive figure actually lights up and is battery powered! It will inspire children to continue their magical exploration in hopes of discovering this special addition to their growing collection.

What's included?

1 x Collector's Guide

9 x Figurine

1 x Vessel

1 x Potion Packet (Fizz)

1 x Pourer

1 x Instructional Manual