Pixlings S2 Galaxy Hair Doll Single Pack Deerlee

$22.99 USD

Magic Mixies Pixlings Shimmerverse series!

Mix the magic ingredients in the bottle to make a shimmering potion, say the magic words and reveal a beautiful Deluxe Pixling doll & her Mini Mixie friend! There are 3 different Deluxe Pixlings to create and collect across the Shimmerverse Series.

Create A Shimmering Magic Potion

Magic Mixies Pixlings come with all the magical ingredients required to make Pixlings appear and come to life! To create a potion, combine water with the magical ingredients in the potion bottle. Watch as the liquid transforms to a shimmering deep blue and swirls mysteriously within the bottle.

An enchanted reveal

Say the magic words “Magicus Mixus” whilst turning and pressing down on the crystal hair topper, and then witness REAL magic! The shimmering deep blue potion will turn clear, revealing your beautiful Pixling doll!

Collect them all

The Magic Mixie Deluxe Pixlings collection features 3 exciting Pixlings: Deerlee the Deer Pixling and her Mini Mixie Willow, Flyt the Dragonfly Pixling with her Mini Mixie Hover, or Pippa the Firehorse Pixling with her Mini Mixie Flare. These beautifully crafted dolls, complete with different elemental gems and individual potion powers, offer a magical experience for collectors to dive into a world of the Shimmerverse!

Super long color changing hair

Deerlee the Deer Pixling from the Shimmerverse series boasts super long, brushable hair that magically changes color as well as 6 hair styling accessories. Inviting children to engage in interactive play as they style and care for their doll's flowing locks.

Exclusive mini mixie

Deerlee the Deer Pixling has its very own exclusive Mini Mixies friend, Willow. These Mini Mixies have their own magical color change feature, that matches the hair on the Pixling Doll. Your child will love having not one, but two color change reveals in the one deluxe pack.

What's included?

1 x Collectors Guide

1 X Doll

1 X Instruction Manual

1 X Playset: Bottle, Fizz, Mica

2 X Toy Accessory: Color Liquid

2 X Toy Accessory: Dissolvable Paper

6 X Hair Accessories