Pixlings S2 Doll & Pet Pack

$29.99 USD

Magic Mixies Pixlings Shimmerverse Series!

Create and mix a magic potion to magically reveal Unia and her pet Pegacorn Rainbow Star inside a potion bottle. That’s double the fun in one magical potion!

Create a shimmering potion

Magic Mixies Pixlings come with all the magical ingredients required to make Pixlings appear and come to life! To create a potion, combine water with the magical ingredients in the potion bottle. Watch as the liquid transforms to a shimmering deep blue and swirls mysteriously within the bottle.

An enchanted reveal

Say the magic words “Magicus Mixus” whilst turning and pressing down on the crystal gem topper, and then witness REAL magic! The shimmering deep blue potion will turn clear, revealing your beautiful Pixling doll!

Collect them all

The Shimmerverse collection features 4 enchanting Pixlings: Catlyn the Cat Pixling, Pheona the Phoenix Pixling, Marena the Ice Mermaid Pixling, and Faye the Fairy Pixling. These beautifully crafted dolls, complete with different elemental gems and individual potion powers, offer a magical experience for collectors to dive into a world of the Shimmerverse!

Glittering brushable hair

Unia and her pet Rainbow Star from the Shimmerverse collection both boast gorgeously long, brushable hair. Their glittering beautiful locks sparkle like the Shimmerverse they come from, inviting children to style and care for their doll & Pegacorn's flowing hair.

Perfectly posable

Unia the Pixling doll is 6.5" tall and has 7 points of articulation, making her very posable and fun to play with. Unia the Pixling loves her pet Pegacorn Rainbow Star and she can even hop on her back, so they can fly off into the Shimmerverse together.

What's included?

1 x Collectors Guide

1 x Doll

1 X Instruction Manual

1 X Playset: Bottle, Fizz, Mica

2 X Toy Accessory: Color Liquid

2 X Toy Accessory: Dissolvable Paper

1 X Toy Horse