Pixie Supremes Fashion Doll

$59.99 USD

Magic Mixies Pixie Supremes!

Awaken the Magic Mirror and release Luna, the Butterfly Pixie Supreme, a premium 10.5" fashion doll. Interact with the Magic Mirror's 50+ lights and sounds. It even includes a fortune teller after-play mode!

Awaken your Pixie Supreme

Experience the wonder as your child engages in the magical awakening of Luna, the Butterfly Pixie Supreme, from her entrapment within the Magic Mirror. You and your child will be amazed at this captivating moment combining interactive lights, sounds, and a potion-mixing adventure, culminating in the spectacular reveal of a beautiful fashion doll.

Premium fashion doll

Your child will love revealing a premium Fashion Doll from the Magic Mirror. Luna, the Butterfly Pixie Supreme, is a full-scale 10.5" tall doll with beautiful, long, flowing, brushable hair. She is posable with 9 points of articulation and comes with a special doll stand, making her great fun to style and display.

Fun fortune mode

The Fortune Mode of the Magic Mirror adds an enchanting twist to playtime, where your child can ask questions and receive whimsical glimpses into their future. This interactive "after-play" feature creates a mystical experience, fostering imagination and curiosity in every magical query.

50+ lights and sounds

The Magic Mirror dazzles with over 50 lights and sounds, creating an immersive and enchanting atmosphere that captivates and delights children during play. These vibrant audio-visual elements bring the magic to life, enhancing the interactive experience and sparking endless imagination and wonder.

Repeated play!

The Magic Mixies Pixie Supremes offers the unique ability to re-enact the magical reveal multiple times, allowing children to experience the joy and excitement of awakening their Pixie Supreme again and again. This repeatable feature ensures endless fun and play, as each time feels like a brand-new magical adventure.

What's included?

1 x Mirror Playset

1 x Doll

1 x Doll Accessories

1 x Toy Accessory - Potion Cup

1 x Fizz Tablet

1 x Dissolvable Paper

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Spell Booklet