Mama Surprise Bunny Playset

$64.99 USD

Take caring for your pet to a whole new level!

Love and care for Mama and she will magically have 3 babies - when will they arrive? Mama Surprise comes with everything you need to care for your adorable new family of bunnies.

20+ sounds and reactions

Mama is so interactive! Look after your mama bunny by feeding, brushing and patting her and hear her react and make sweet sounds. When her heart glows, she's ready to have her babies!

Feed and brush Mama

Feed mama with her delicious carrot. Place it inside her mouth and listen as she makes cute feeding sounds. Brush her long beautiful fur with her hairbrush. Mama will make happy sounds as you brush her.

Mama's heart glows

When mama receives enough love and attention, her heart will start glowing and she'll let out a melody to let you know that a baby is about to arrive.

When will babies arrive?

When mama's heart starts glowing, she's ready to placed inside her hutch. Close the doors, and wait - when the hutch light turns off, a cute baby has arrived!

Discover 3 surprise babies!

Mama will magically have one surprise baby at a time. There are 3 adorable babies and surprise gift boxes to discover.

Style each baby with cute accessories

Each adorable baby arrives with its own special care package and surprise themed accessories - will they be rock n' roll, preppy or princess themed?

Repeat play

This magical reveal is repeatable, so that kids can experience the surprise and delight of caring for mama and discovering her babies, again and again.

What's included?

1 x Interactive Mama Bunny

1 x Hairbrush

3 x Baby Bunnies

1 x Hutch

1 x Carrot

3 x Gift Boxes (Each with 2 x Accessories, 2 x Hair Elastics, 1 x Birth Certificate)

1 x Paper Nesting Material

1 x Instruction Manual