Needees Single Pack

$9.99 USD

Say hello to Little Live Pets NeeDees!

The interactive wearable take-anywhere pets that respond to care. Listen to their needs, respond in time and score NeeDee points! With over 50 sounds and reactions. Collect all 13 Needees.

Wearable pet

NeeDees' innovative design allows for easy attachment to clothing, so your child can carry and wear their favorite interactive pet wherever they go. NeeDees are the perfect companion, ready to share in every adventure.

The more you care, the higher your score

Respond to each NeeDee when they call and earn points, turning each act of care into a rewarding game. Missed calls decrease their score, while timely responses boost it.

Small and adorable

NeeDees are designed with a compact size that makes them the perfect companion for children to clip on their clothes, easy to carry and play with wherever they go.

50+ Sounds and Reactions

NeeDees come to life through over 50 sounds and reactions. Their expressive blinking eyes and unique pet personalities respond dynamically to care and play. This lively interplay of sound and expressive eyes creates a lifelike companion in NeeDees!

Collect them all

There are 13 different adorable Needees to collect over Series 1. Look out for two Rare Needees - Nibblee Chipmunk and Dandee Duck or will you find the Limited Edition Golden Duck - Duckee Duck.

What's included?

3 x LR44 Batteries

1 x Interactive Needee

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Quick Start Guide