My Really Real Puppy Patches

$49.99 USD

The realest puppy you've ever seen!

Patches The Beagle looks and feels so real with the softest fur, sweetest blinking eyes and reacts to your touch and feeding with over 60+ sounds and reactions.

Adorable realistic puppy

With soft fur, blinking eyes and weighted paws, this puppy looks and feels just like a real puppy!

60+ sounds and reactions

With over 60 sounds and reactions this puppy responds to your touch when you pat his head or back, feeds on his bottle and falls asleep when you lay him down.

Carry and display

Take your puppy with you everywhere with the adorable puppy carrier that comes with a handle that makes it so easy to hold and display! The deluxe puppy carrier also transforms into an adorable puppy bed - simply lift off the top and place your puppy inside for a sweet little nap!

1 in 72

Each puppy is so unique, with different colored eyes, collars, and a secret birthmark! There are 72 variations to discover, which puppy with you adopt?

What's included?

2 x AA Batteries

3 x Accessory

1 x Carrier

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Plush Animal

1 x Adoption Certificate