My Walking Penguin Waddles

$19.99 USD

Waddles has 25+ sounds and reactions

He is so interactive - pat Waddles on the head and watch his wings flap, feed him with his feeding fish, or watch him dance and walk on his leash! Complete with a detachable walking leash, a feeding fish and an instruction booklet. Batteries included.

25+ sounds and reactions

Waddles comes to life with over 25 cute sounds and reactions! Pat his head and watch as he flaps his wings and dances to his own tunes.

Care for Waddles

Waddles loves being fed with his feeding fish. Listen as he makes the cutest feeding sounds - he may even burp!

Walks with leash

Waddles comes with his very own walking leash. Simply attach his leash and take him for a fun walk! Waddles can walk on and off his leash.

Soft and cuddly

Waddles loves to be cuddled and cared for; feel his super soft and fluffy fur!

What's included?

3 x AA Batteries

1 x Feeding Fish

1 x Instruction Booklet

1 x Detachable Leash

1 x Interactive Penguin Toy