My Walking Lamb Snowie

$19.99 USD

Meet Snowie!

New from Little Live Pets, My Walking Lamb is the cutest, wiggliest, and softest little lamb that loves to go for a walk! Snowie is your new walking pet lamb that feels, moves and sounds just like a real baby lamb! Snowie's tail wiggles when she walks! Feed and play with Snowie, then let her take you for a fun walk!

Over 25 sounds and reactions

Discover your pet lamb's playful personality - you can feed, walk and dance with Snowie! Snowie even moves and sounds just like a real baby lamb!

Walks and dances

Walk Snowie on her leash or watch as she moves and dances to her own music tunes.

Feed and cuddle

Give Snowie her bottle and watch has her tail wiggles when she drinks, burps and giggles.

A wonderful gift

Perfect for kids aged 5+, My Walking Lamb comes with a detachable walking leash, a bottle, an instruction booklet, and batteries are included so that she is ready to play!

What's included?

1 x Interactive Lamb

1 x Walking Leash

1 x Feeding Bottle

3 x AA Batteries

1 x Instruction Booklet