Little Live Pets My Baby Monkey Plush Single Pack

$29.99 USD

It's the cutest baby animal anyone could have!

Realistic soft-touch face and soft fur. Over 50 sounds and reactions as your child plays! Mango sucks his thumb and feeds from his bottle. Mango can grab and hang onto things just like a real monkey!

So interactive!

With over 50 sounds and reactions, Mango makes play time unique and fun! Watch Mango react when you play with him; whether it be a tummy tickle, feeding time, or swinging Mango around in the air, he will react to you! Mango will express himself with an array of fun sounds to enjoy!

Realistic moving mouth!

My Baby Monkey's expressive moving mouth is so adorable and moves just like a real baby monkey! Mango loves to suck his thumb and hold his bottle all by himself - watch his mouth move as you care for him.

With monkey grip hands & feet

Mango's monkey grippy hands & feet are designed to clasp together, enabling Mango to hang onto things just like a real monkey would. With Mango's realistic monkey-like hands, he can feed himself with his bottle, or even suck his thumb!

Super soft and realistic to cuddle and love

Mango the Baby Monkey has the most endearing and adorable realistic features, like his moving mouth and super soft fur. Mango is soft to the touch and so fun to cuddle. Experience the fun of Baby Monkey by playing with him upside down, feeding him a bottle, or watching as he sucks his thumb.

Reusable high chair packaging

Re-use the high chair packaging as a playset. Place Mango back into the high chair as you feed him, or help him feed himself!

What's included?

3 x AA Batteries

1 x Adoption Certificate

1 x Bottle Accessory

1 x Interactive Plush Monkey

1 x Instruction Booklet