Hero Creator Make Your Own Pack Thrash

$19.99 USD

Introducing the NEW Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Hero Creator!

With 3 unique goo fillings! Mix, fill & create your own stretchy Thrash action figure again and again.

Fill Your Figure!

Attach Thrash onto the special Creator Chamber and fill your action figure with 3 unique fillings! Add water, pump the figure's body full of goo, and watch as Thrash is brought to life before your eyes!

3 Unique Goo Fillings

The Thrash Goo Jit Zu Hero Creator comes with 3 unique goo fillings for your child to fill into Thrash! These include: sea life, teeth & goo! Kids can repeat the creation process again and again!

Create Your Favorite Heroes!

There are 2 characters that kids can create with the Goo Jit Zu Hero Creator! These include: Blazagon & Thrash.

What's Included?

1 x Playset

1 x Refillable Stretchy Toy, Goo Jit Zu Hero

1 x Ingredient 1, Mica Dye Set

1 x Ingredient 2, Soft Inserts Set

1 x Ingredient 3, Hard Inserts Set

1 x Instruction Manual