Stretch Strikers S11 Hero Deluxe Pack Blazagon

$14.99 USD

Introducing the NEW Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Deluxe Figure - Blazagon!

This 5.5" (14cm) stretchy character features unique fillings, stretchy weapons, and body, along with 20+ battling sounds, as well as battle armor!

20+ Battling Sounds

Deluxe Blazagon is equipped with 20+ battling sounds!

Deluxe Stretchy Weapons!

Release the ULTIMATE Stretch Attack with Deluxe Blazagon's stretchy & gooey weapon!

What's included

1 x Electronic Stretchy Toy, Goo Jit Zu Hero

3 x Lr44 Batteries

1 x Battery Information Flyer

1 x Accessory, Weapon