Hero Creator Make Your Own Pack Blazagon

$19.99 USD

Introducing the NEW Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Hero Creator!

With 3 unique goo fillings! Mix, fill & create your own stretchy Blazagon action figure again and again.

Kids Can Create Their Own Hero!

For the very FIRST TIME, your child has the power to create their OWN Goo Jit Zu!

3 Unique Goo Fillings

The Blazagon Goo Jit Zu Hero Creator comes with 3 unique goo fillings for your child to fill into Blazagon! These include: bones, marbles & goo! Kids can repeat the creation process again and again!

Fill Your Figure!

Attach Blazagon onto the special Creator Chamber and fill your action figure with 3 unique fillings! Add water, pump the figure's body full of goo, and watch as Blazagon is brought to life before your eyes!

Super Stretchy!

Once created, kids are able to stretch these Goo Jit Zus up to 3 times their size! (Up to 20"/ 50cm)

What's Included?

1 x Playset

1 x Refillable Stretchy Toy, Goo Jit Zu Hero

1 x Ingredient 1, Mica Dye Set

1 x Ingredient 2, Soft Inserts Set

1 x Ingredient 3, Hard Inserts Set

1 x Instruction Manual