Crash the Party

$24.99 USD

Crash The Party Makes The Perfect Party Game!

Crash the Party is perfect for game nights, parties, and gatherings, offering endless entertainment and unpredictable twists. Designed for ages 17 and up, it accommodates 2-8 players, making it versatile for any group size. This game ensures laughter and fun, creating memorable moments at any event. With its engaging and dynamic gameplay, Crash the Party is sure to be a hit and keep everyone coming back for more.

Unique Decoder Box

Crash the Party features a unique Decoder Box, where each player inserts their special filter to uncover the secret event they'll be attending. However, there's a twist: one player's filter will reveal a completely different event, and they won't even know they're the odd one out. This clever mechanic ensures each game is filled with suspense and laughter as players try to identify the Party Crasher.

A Game of Hilarious Strategy

In Crash the Party, the element of suspense is heightened as everyone, including the Party Crasher, is a suspect. This uncertainty adds a layer of intrigue, making players carefully observe each other's actions and explanations. Strategic gameplay is key as you must blend in seamlessly while trying to identify the real Party Crasher.

So Much Fun In One Box!

Crash the Party offers endless amusement with its hilarious scenarios, where players might bring beer to Mt. Everest or a bikini to the opera. These mismatched items spark laughter and creativity as players justify their outlandish choices. The absurd combinations guarantee fun and memorable moments for everyone involved.

What's included?

1 x Decoder Box

8 x Decoder Filters

8 x Figures

90 x Event Cards

200 x Object Cards

1 x Score Board

1 x Rules Sheet