Freezy Cakez Playset

$34.99 USD

Mix & Decorate your plush best friend!

Cookeez Makery Freezy Cakez with shivering, ice cream scented interactive plush. Mix & make a surprise cake. Create up to 3 different Freezy Cakez plush friends.

Amazing sensory surprise!

Cookeez Makery Freezy Cakez has one of the most amazing surprise reveals of any toy. When your child opens up the fridge door after its timer goes off, not only do they see an adorable plush, but they will also feel it shivering as they hold it and smell its delicious ice cream scent.

Creative expression

Cookeez Makery Freezy Cakez is interactive, allowing kids to show creative expression through a mixing and moulding activity. When they first open the fridge, they will discover the ingredients they need to mix to form a cake dough. Using the mould and spatula, they can shape their dough and add their ice cream layer, then finish off with a themed decoration.

Awesome surprise reveal

The big WOW feature of Cookeez Makery Freezy Cakez is when your child's dough changes to become a shivering deliciously scented interactive plush toy. The freezing process is where the magic happens. After setting your fridge to 10 degrees, in 20 seconds, the timer will "ding", telling your child that their new plush friend is frozen and ready to meet them. When they open the fridge door, the most adorable scented bestie is revealed.

Create and collect them all!

Cookeez Makery Freezy Cakez is a surprise unboxing. You don't know which plush you will create until you see the decorations inside. Which plush will you mould and make? There are 3 different Freezy Cakez to create - Strawberry Unicake, Minty Polar Bear and Tiger Berry Ripple.

Interactive warm friends

The pets from the Cookeez Makery are electronic and battery powered. They are very interactive to your child's touch and make different sounds and reactions when played with. When they squeeze their pet, they will hear nurturing sounds. Squeeze it longer and their pet will shiver, needing to be hugged and held for 2 minutes.

What's included?

3 x AAA Batteries

1 x Instruction Manual

2 x Compound Sachet

4 x Accessories

1 x Battery Unit

1 x Fridge

1 x Plush