Starter Pack Three Strikes Chux

$14.99 USD

Be prepared for an epic battle!

This pack includes 3 mini warriors: Three Strikes Chux, Venom Fang Ninja, and Psyclone Shutdown. Each warrior wields unique weapons like Psyclone Shutdown’s "Tornado Fists," Chux’s "Disc Lasso," and Venom Fang’s "Cobra Cane." Each character has INTERCHANGEABLE weapons, so store them on the rack and attach them to the warrior for a battle advantage. Collect all 25 Warriors in Ninja Fury Series 7! Gear up for epic battles with the Akedo Three Strike Chux Starter Pack. Ready, Fight, Split Strike!

Collect all 25 Warriors

Across Akedo Series 7, kids can collect up to 25 unique Akedo mini battling warriors, including fan favorites Shreddy, Chux, and Tailwhip. But this time with a Ninja theme and styling! Which warrior will your child collect first? And who will be their favorite in their collection?

Exclusive Weapon Rack

Each of these three warriors' weapons is INTERCHANGEABLE! Store your weapons on the weapons rack and mix, swap, and match them onto your warrior for the best matchup and upper hand in battle. Which weapon will your child think is the most powerful? Utilize the joystick controller provided to perfect each character's weapon and fighting style to be the feared opponent in battle!

New "Shatter Strike" Feature

The "Shatter Strike" feature introduces a dramatic twist to the Legends of Akedo Ninja Fury battles, allowing warriors to spectacularly pop off at the waist when defeated, amplifying the sense of victory and defeat in each fight.

What's included?

3 x Figure

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Joystick Controller

1 x Punch Equipment