Ninja Star Battle Arena

$29.99 USD

Prepare for the ultimate showdown with the Akedo Ninja Star Battle Arena!

This battleground features Ninja Star Shooter Controllers, letting kids unleash discs from a dragon’s mouth. Maneuver warriors to dodge these discs as a well-timed release will ‘Shatter Strike’ their warrior. The arena immerses kids in battles with over 35 sound effects. It includes two exclusive warriors: Oni Night Blade and Supreme Flame Hi-Ashi, each with unique Shield Weapons. The Weapons Rack offers strategic gameplay as kids mix and swap the weapons for an epic Shatter Strike! Ready, fight, Split Strike with the new Akedo Ninja Start Battle Arena!

New Ninja Star Shooter Controllers

This epic battleground features all-new Ninja Star Shooter Controllers, allowing kids to rapidly unleash a series of discs from a dragon’s mouth. But watch out! They must maneuver their warriors to dodge these incoming discs, as a well-timed release can cause a powerful ‘Shatter Strike,’ splitting their opponent in two. Can your child master the timing of the Ninja Disc release to shatter strike their opponent and emerge victorious in battle?

Exclusive Weapon Rack

With a selection of epic Akedo weapons on the included Weapons Rack, kids can engage in thrilling battles, experimenting with various weapons. They can mix and swap to find the perfect weapon for each duel, enhancing their strategic gameplay. This customization leads to mastering the art of the strategic Shatter Strike, ensuring every battle is unique and exciting!

35+ Battle SFX

Your child will be immersed in thrilling battles with over 35 authentic sound effects. The thunderous sounds of Ninja Stars flying through the air and the clashing of weapons between warriors amplify the excitement of each skirmish, enhancing your child's battle experience!

What's included?

1 x Arena

2 x Figure

1x Weapon Rack

1 x Instruction Manual

3 x Battery