Battle Pack

$24.99 USD

Introducing Legends of Akedo Ninja Fury Battle Pack!

This set includes 6 Akedo Ninja-themed warriors, including the EXCLUSIVE Glow in the Dark Ninja Bosses Bossmode Glitchblade and Spirit Weaver, both standing at 3 inches (7.62 cm) tall. Can the additional warriors—Three Strike Ninja, Bone Breaker Tailwhip, Stealth Stinky, and Master Slither—overcome the boss’ advantage and contribute to victory? Ready, fight, Split Strike with the Akedo Battle Pack!

Glow in the dark

The Akedo Ninja Fury Battle Pack includes 2 Exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Ninja Bosses: Bossmode Glitchblade and Spirit Weaver.

Shatter Strike feature

Legends of Akedo Ninja Warriors have a new "Shatter Strike" feature. Watch as the warriors are ejected at the waist for defeat!

Interchangeable weapons

Each warrior is equipped with the ability to have interchangeable weapons! Mix and swap their weapons to gain the upper hand in battle!

What's included?

6 x Figure

1 x Instruction Manual

2 x Trigger Controller