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Magic Mixies Magical Gem Surprise Cauldron – Fire Magic

  • 5+
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$19.99 USD

Experience REAL MAGIC with the Magic Mixies Magical Gem Surprise Fire Magic Cauldron. Who will you magically create inside this magic medium sized Cauldron? The Magical Gem Surprise Cauldron allows children to discover the magic of fire to reveal different fire Elemental Mixie Plushies and Magic Rings!

Begin the magic by sprinkling the Bubble 'N' Fizz Dust into the Cauldron before naming your Mixie by writing on the Naming Scroll and dropping it inside. Then kids can use the included wand to add water and watch as the Cauldron bubbles and fizzes before a magic Gem pops out of the top of the Cauldron – WOW! When your child opens the Gem they will discover a non-electronic fire Magic Mixie Plushie inside, with a matching fire Magic Ring! Children will love seeing the fire element's magic appear within their color-changing Ring, as well as the lenticular Gem on their Mixie Plushie’s head!

With 2 fire Mixie Plushies to create and collect, and a truly magical unboxing, the Magic Mixies Magical Gem Surprise Cauldron will astound and surprise kids, as they create a new cute furry friend!

What's Inside:
  • 1 x Fire Themed Magic Cauldron
  • 1 x Fire Themed Magic Mixies Plushie
  • 1 x Magic Ring
  • 1 x Wand​
  • 1 x Bubble & Fizz Dust​
  • 1 x Naming Scroll​
  • 1 x Instruction Manual