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Beast Lab Stealth Strike Big Cat Beast Creator

  • 5+
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Beast Lab Stealth Strike Big Cat Beast Creator. Experiment to Create Your Beast. Which Big Cat Will You Release? Makes Real Bio Mist!

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SAVE THE WORLD? The world is in danger and the only way to PROTECT it is with BEASTS! Conduct an experiment using the Stealth Strike Cats Beast Creator to create one of TWO BIG CATS! Which Cat will be released from the Beast Lab? Will it be the TOXIC TIGER or PRIMAL PANTHER? The Beast Lab is equipped with 80 + LIGHTS & SOUNDS bringing the experiment to life. Your child is tasked with the ultimate responsibility and will need to add the correct measurements of key ingredients: Attack Serum, Roar Rocks, Fossil Fragments and Skin Scrapings into the vessel! Make sure to add ROARING ROCKS to give your CAT a FEROCIOUS ROAR! But BEWARE of the FINAL and most POWERFUL ingredient, the PANDEMONIUM CRYSTAL! This crystal contains CHAOTIC and DESTRUCTIVE ENERGY causing the Beast Creator to sound its WARNING alarms and builds with intensity! Pull down on the EMERGENCY LEVER to drain the liquid and REVEAL your BEAST INSIDE! You will be left amazed as a Big Cat Beast appears surrounded by a cloud of real "Bio Mist"! Now it's time for WILD BATTLE ACTION! The Cat Beasts can activate a swinging Power Strike Attack using their Pandemonium Weapon and scare away enemies with their Ferocious "Battle Roar" and light-up Power Crystal Core! But the mission is not over! Reset the Beast Creator and repeat the experiment again and again! The POWER to SAVE the WORLD rests in your child's hands with the Beast Lab Stealth Strike Cats Beast Creator.

1x Playset
1x Electronic Figure
2x Accessories
1x Experiment Kit
3x LR 44/AG13 Batteries
2x Instruction Manuals

Experiment Kit:

  • 1 Piece Molded Fizz "Fossil Fragment"
  • 1 Bag Ooze "Attack Serum"
  • 1 Dissolvable Paper
  • 1 Bag Fizz Powder "Roar Rocks"
  • 1 Piece Molded Fizz "Pandemonium Crystal"