Taking Nine Arches to the World

Moose Toys is taking Nine Arches – the phenomenal choose-your-own-adventure game – global and it’s set to be the next wonder of the world! So, switch off those screens and get set for more unforgettable experiences.

Using the magical quest cards as prompts, you and your crew combine cards that decide your destiny and take you on a real-life journey. To start, players knock on the deck, shuffle, then deal three quest cards, consulting Archer’s Book Of Joy to interpret their meaning in their own way – creating a story out of every card. The adventure continues in sets of three new cards, until players have logged a total of nine sessions – each one more unique than the last.

Created during the pandemic by New York Times bestselling author, Geoffrey Gray, and Fortnite and Doom producer, Grant Shonkwiler, Nine Arches gets players off the couch and encourages curiosity instead. 

“Nine Arches has found a way to make every game session a unique and unforgettable experience with friends, where everyone wins!” said Paul Solomon, CEO, Moose Toys.

Known for their innovation, Moose was the perfect partner to take this concept – which launched on Kickstarter in October 2021 (and was fully funded in six minutes) – to a global scale, saving children everywhere from boring days and creating unforgettable ones instead.