Shopkins Shop N’ See APP now live. Enter a Virtual World and Find Shopkins Everywhere! Are you ready to SHOP n’ SEEK?

Moose Toys is super excited to unveil it SHOPKINS SHOP N’ SEEK App. An augmented reality experience featuring your favourite Shopkins! This augmented reality game will grip and maintain users with the unpredictability of which Shopkins the user will find, ability to interact with Shoppies, the fun of making Shopkins dance and play in the real world, and the opportunity of exploring the different virtual worlds in which SHOPKINS SHOP N’ SEEK resides. The App launched in North America this November and is now unrolling across South America, Europe, Asia and eventually worldwide.

Follow your Shoppie through the magical door to begin your adventure finding Shopkins! The mobile app game that allows users to collect 3D digital Shopkins hidden throughout the virtual environment, add them to their collection, and interact with them in the real world using AR.

Key features include, walking around to explore our 2 worlds and find Shopkins! 75 unique Shopkins characters, including favourites like Kooky Cookie, Apple Blossom, and Lippy Lips! Place your Shopkins in the real world and watch them dance, twirl, fly, and spin!

10 Shoppies to unlock, including Jessicake, Donatina, and Bubbleisha! Stay connected and keep an eye out for new content coming soon at: Make sure you check out the SHOP N’SEEK social platforms for latest news, updates and tips as well.



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