Moose Toys reveal latest collectible brand

Here at Moose Toys, we are incredibly excited to launch our latest brand, OH! MY GIF, a ground-breaking new collectible brand at the London Toy Fair. Inspired by the online social language of gifs, OH! MY GIF, is set to revolutionize the collectible aisle with humor, movement, and shareability.

Available from May, OH! MY GIF is packed full of funny, surprise movements. Bringing the hilarious world of digital gifs to life, through collectible characters, known as GifBits, that physically replicate the looping movement of gifs. And are inspired by, some of the most popular gifs on the web.

These GifBits, will be revealed once opened from its packaging, creating a sense of excitement. The packaging then becomes an extension of the play pattern, by turning into a fun photographic backdrop. Each pack contains an augmented reality card, to be used with the OH! MY GIF app and download the digital version of your GifBit. These can then be shared and collected along with the physical versions, with friends and family.

With over 50 characters in both physical and digital form, OH! MY GIF is designed to be an instinctively collectible brand for kids. Continually pioneering in this space, Moose know the collectible aisle very well, having been behind the $5bn global smash hit collectible brand, Shopkins – a global phenomenon that reinvigorated the way children play.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Ronnie Frankowski, told  Toy Book of Moose’ excitement on the launch of this new line. “Moose is super excited to get this toy into the market and into the hands of kids,” says Ronnie. “We are incredibly proud of the team behind this brand and how they continue to disrupt, innovate and push creative boundaries in the collectible aisle.”

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