Moose Toys Melbourne HQ named as one of Melbourne's coolest offices

We are thrilled to be named as one of Melbourne’s coolest offices as part of the Herald Sun Weekend feature.
From the moment you step into the Moose Melbourne HQ, you know you are not in an average work space. The amazing design elements and the super friendly team are just the start of it. Read about it here.
We Melbourne’s coolest offices let you work, rest and play
While you toil away in your soulless cubicle under cheap fluorescent lighting, some lucky workers are playing basketball, relaxing in meditation pods or bringing their dog to work. Take a look at Melbourne’s coolest offices. A leading new-style employer is Moose Toys, which doesn’t invite staff to “come work with us” but “come play with us”.

The company produces much-loved toy lines such as Shopkins, Mighty Beanz and Pikmi Pops. “The inside of a Moosie’s brain looks like a unicorn hosting a rainbow surprise party,” their website says. The outside of its Cheltenham office has the same vibe thanks to the eye-catching multi-coloured barcode wrapped around its facade. The foyer features a giant Jack and the Beanstalk cubby house, which doubles as a standing meeting place for brainstorming, while an upper level houses half a Douglas DC-3 plane – yes, a real one.

One of the company’s owners, Manny Stul, is obsessed with planes and had it installed as a surprise for staff one weekend. “We came into the office one day and there it was,” Belinda Gruebner, executive vice president of global marketing for Moose Toys, says. “Half of it is upstairs as a creative place, which people really love.

“It’s all about fostering creativity and collaboration. People feel the energy and love the work-life balance. There’s lots of music playing and we all have lunch together in the kitchen and share food and take a break.” The company also offers free personal training and yoga classes, and there’s an organic vegetable garden. Pet days twice a week allow staff to bring in their dogs and cats, and even a rabbit named Sherbert is a regular visitor. Flexible hours are a key perk for staff.

“We work around people’s out-of-work demands – they might need to start early and finish early,” Gruebner says. “Or do a full-time job over four days.”

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All pictures credited to Alex Coppel.

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