Moose Toys’ Collins Key Collection

Moose Toys, is launching a brand-new activity line in partnership with the No. 1 family-friendly YouTube channel, Collins Key, which features digital stars Collins and Devan Key. Debuting this fall, the collaboration combines the imaginative forces of Moose Toys and the Key brothers, allowing fans to play along at home and re-create the DIY challenges and projects made popular on the YouTube channel.

Recognized as industry-leading entertainers, Collins and Devan Key are redefining what it means to be digital trailblazers and influencers, and the Moose Toys collaboration is just the beginning. As the No. 1 YouTube creators for compounds, activities, and creativity, Collins and Devan Key boast more than 21.5 million subscribers and over 5 billion total views.

The Collins Key collection taps into Collins and Devan’s authenticity, energy, passion for life, and signature over-the-top challenges to bring innovative play to the activity aisle and directly to their massive fan base.

The line features boxed playsets in two distinct categories: Fake Food Challenges and Pranks & Collectibles. The hero item within the first category is the Fake Food Challenge Wheel, inspired by the Mystery Wheel Challenge that the #KeyperSquad — Collins and Devan’s most ardent fans — will recognize from the YouTube channel.

Players each take a turn spinning the wheel to receive their challenge and then use various tools to shape and mold their compounds into food items. It’s a race against the clock, and there are a number of other surprises inside, with the winner determined by a final spin of the wheel.

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