Moose Teams up with AllPlay in world-first initiative

As part of the Moose Toys Foundation, we partner with incredible charities globally, each in their individual way bring fun and happiness to children, specifically through various forms of play.

One of these partners is AllPlay – a world-first initiative to create new pathways for inclusion for children with disabilities so they can play, learn, dance and connect into the community.

AllPlay is all about making sports and dance fit for all kids by bringing research, sport, dance and education together so kids of all abilities can participate, including the one in five children who have a developmental challenge or disability.

The Deakin University Deakin Child Study Centre drives the program and has collaborated with the University of California, Los Angeles to find a way to introduce the AllPlay model of inclusion to the global market.

One of the first initiatives in this collaboration was to hold a conference at the University of California in LA on 26 and 27 April.

Check out the pictures below!

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