Gotta Go Flamingo named in Top UK Retailer Argos’ Top 12 Toys for Christmas 2020

We are super excited that our Gotta Go Flamingo has been named in the Argos Top 12 Toys for Christmas 2020. As the first major retailer to announce its tops toy lists, it’s an indication of some of the most popular toys of the year. Sherbet, the interactive pooping Flamingo, the lastest toy from the Little Live Pets brand, is one funny bird. He sings, chats back, eats and poops! But don’t worry he is potty trained and will tell you when he needs to go.


Gotta Go Flamingo isn’t the only top toy coming out from Moose Toys in the Youth Electronic category. The highly anticipated, Squeakee, the interactive Balloon dog will be hitting shelves this year, just in time for Christmas. Both toys firmly cement Moose as a leading innovator in the Youth Electronics category and a pioneering leader when it comes to toy design. Gotta Go Flamingo will in stores from October and Squeakee not long after.

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