Fortnite Battle Bus on Yahoo! Entertainment’s “It List”

Moose Toys expands its Fornite collection to include the Battle Bus! Building on the pop culture phenomenon of Fortnite, the No. 1 video game in the world, the Battle Bus is the most important vehicle in the game and the centerpiece of Moose Toys’ Fortnite Battle Royale Collection for the holiday season.

As a result, the Battle Royale Collection, a line of authentic Fortnite figures, vehicles, and playsets will grow to a Royale-sized roster of 100 characters. With every fun, poseable figure includes swappable weapons, accessories, and Back Bling. To see the product, click here.

The Battle Bus compliments a range of authentic playsets, vehicles and 2-inch mini action figures that bring Fortnite to life. The 13-inch Battle Bus playset features the famous hot air balloon so that it soars above the fray in the game, and it also comes with two exclusive outfits, Burnout, and Funk Ops. The playset’s interior can house an additional 15 mini-figures from the Moose’s ever-expanding line of Fortnite collectibles.

Moose Toys is super excited it’s Fornite Battle Bus has been named as part of Yahoo Entertainments ‘It list’. The Fornite Battle Bus is definitely one for the Christmas list.  To read the full article please click here.