FAO Schwarz event sees Goo Goo Galaxy sell out

To celebrate the launch of Moose Toys’ latest collectible line Goo Goo Galaxy, we threw an exclusive launch at the renowned New York toy store, FAO Schwarz. The event was hailed a success because the toys sold out ‘within a matter of hours,’ according to reports from the store.

Goo Goo Galaxy is a range of adorable alien baby collectibles called the Goo Drops. They have goo-filled bodies and a special DIY slime activity. These little Goo Drops will be crash landing to Earth this August, for more details about the product, click here.

Helping build excitement for the Goo Drops’ Earth arrival, Moose Toys implemented a massive teaser campaign in partnership with celebrated content creators. The campaign culminated in a big reveal of the collectibles and their crash landing.

The event offered an exclusive early purchase opportunity of the Goo Drops which had kids lining up out the door and around the block.  To read more about the event, click here to read the full article.