Boom City Racers are fast and fun

We were super excited to invite, Christopher Teague, from Forbes, to test out our first foray into the vehicle Aisle, Boom City Racers. He got his daughters involved and Boom City Racers did not disappoint.

The Boom City Racers is a colorful collection of toy cars that are able to be launched from a plastic tube using a pull cord. They explode into a few pieces on impact with furniture or walls and have made an excellent street-toy as well. Here’s what makes them cool.

Boom City Racers, are designed for fast and explosive fun. Pulling the ripcord, launching, racing, exploding, and repeat!

To read, Christopher’s review, click here. And for more information on Boom City Racers and where you can get them, check out the Moose brand page here.

To really see how Boom City works, watch here. And for the most explosive play, check out the Fireworks Factory, here.