Experience real magic with the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron! Watch your Mixie appear from the real mist and tap their gem with your wand to see if they’ll grant you a wish!

PARENT GUIDE! Follow the spell, mix a potion and make a pet! PARENT GUIDE! Follow the spell, mix a potion and make a pet!

Step #1 - Start your Potion

1. Start the potion

Start the potion by adding water into your Cauldron

Step #2 - Give your Mixie its Voice

2. Give the Mixie its voice

Give the Mixie it’s voice by pouring in the sound dust

Step #3 - Add Sparkle to your Mixie's Eyes

3. Add sparkle to your Mixie’s eyes

Now it’s time to add sparkle to the Mixie’s eyes by adding in the Glimmer Star

Step #4 - Grant your Mixie its Wings

4. Grant the Mixie its wings

Next, grant the Mixie it’s wings by adding in the Magic Feather

Step #5 - Color your Mixie

5. Colour the Mixie

Now it’s time to colour the Mixie with the Fizz Flower

Step #6 - Add the Creation Crystal

6. Add the Creation Crystal

Next up, add the Creation Crystal. The potion is nearly finished!

Step #7 - Name your Mixie

7. Name the Mixie

It’s time to name the Mixie. Write the Mixie’s name on the scroll and drop it in

Step #8 - Say 'MAGICUS MIXUS!'


Remove the wand from the Cauldron and say the Magic words “Magicus Mixus!”

Mixie ModesMixie Modes

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Spell Mode

It’s time for Magic! One quick tap and the Mixie is in Spell Mode! Cast spells again and again – the more spells you cast, the more the spells increase and the gem will strobe!


Wish Mode

Wishes really do come true! The Magic Mixie can grant wishes – all your child needs to do is tap it’s Gem twice and make a wish…the Mixie’s gem will light up green if the wish is granted!

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Enchantment Mode

The Mixie will sit up on the Cauldron and help make potions! Hold the wand to it’s gem and watch it strobe rainbow!


Magic Mixies

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Magic Mixies Spell Book - Pink

Magic Mixies Spell Book - Blue

Magic Mixies Luck Spell

Magic Mixies Wishing Spell

Magic Mixies Instruction Manual

Magic Mixies Refill Pack Instruction Manual


How do I reset the Cauldron?

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First, find the hole in the back of the Mixie and align it with the clip in the centre of the Cauldron (you will need to make sure the Cauldron is flipped the right way).

Next, place the Mixie into the Cauldron horizontally with its head and feet aligning with the handles before rotating clockwise 90 degree’s (it should then be sitting vertically within the Cauldron). You can check that the Mixie is locked into place by lifting your Mixie while it’s in the Cauldron – if it’s been locked in properly, the Cauldron should lift with the Mixie.

Lastly, make sure you tuck the Mixie into the bowl, ensuring it’s ears, tail and legs are tucked in to avoid obstruction. Now you can reset the Cauldron by using the reset key – simply insert the key into the side of the Cauldron and rotate forward (towards the gem on the front of the Cauldron) – the bowl should flip so you can no longer see the Mixie.

The Cauldron is leaking!

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Adding water to the Cauldron is not triggering the bubbling sounds - why not?

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Check that the switch on the Cauldron is in CREATE or SPELL mode and not in the ‘OFF’ position.

If you have used the Cauldron before, make sure the Inner Bowl surface is properly wiped clean of any previous spell ingredients, particularly the Water Sensors.

Check that the water is being poured into the correct side of the Inner Bowl. (You can refer to the ‘Resetting the Cauldron’ page of the manual to make sure. )


Why is the Cauldron not progressing to the next step of the spell?

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Cauldron is progressing to the next stage of the spell before tapping the wand on the cauldron - why?

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Try to follow the Magic Instructions.. Avoid stirring after the ‘tap, tap, tap’ prompt – the Cauldron may register the stirring as tapping the wand to progress. Try to only stir your ingredients when bubbling and boiling sounds are playing.

It can also help if you minimize surrounding noise as much as possible.

Also, try to avoid bumping or moving the Cauldron as this may accidentally be read as a Wand tap – which will make Cauldron progress to the next stage.

I have turned the Cauldron to ‘CREATE MODE’ or ‘SPELL MODE’ but nothing is happening - why not?

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Have you started the Magic Spell yet?

Try Step 1 first (adding water to the Cauldron)

The Cauldron will not do anything or make any noises until water is poured into the top of the Cauldron. Once water is added, you and your child will hear bubble and boil sound effects and you can continue with the Magic Spell!

I have used all the ingredients in ‘CREATE MODE' and it's not misting!

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The instructions and Spell Book is there to guide you and your child through each step, with 1 ingredient at a time.

Don’t worry though, you can still complete the reveal process if you have used all the ingredients at once!

Just tap the Cauldron at the prompted times and ensure the main switch on the Cauldron has been placed in ‘Create Mode’



The Cauldron no longer produces mist - why not?

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The Cauldron could be out of mist! Create more mist by refilling the Cauldron with the Refill Vial.

Next, ensure the Play Mode Switch is in ‘Create Mode’. If the switch is in the ‘OFF’ or ‘Spell Mode’ position, then mist will not be created.

If these two things are not the answer, the Battery may be low on the Cauldron. Low battery may not allow full function of the Magic Cauldron. Charge the battery using the provided USB Charging Cable.

The Mixie is not responding to the wand tapping it's Gem - why not?

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Ensure the switch on the Mixie has been pushed to the ‘ON’ position.

The Mixie will cast spells with your child when the tip of the wand is in direct contact with the top of Gem, on a perpendicular angle.

Magic Mixie's functions do not match instructions - why not?

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Firstly, ensure the switch is in the ‘ON’ position.

The Magic Mixie could also be taking a nap… If your Mixie is in ‘sleep’ mode, you can move the switch from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’ to reset your Mixie’s power levels.

The batteries could also be running low on their magic. Low batteries may not allow for full function of the Mixie. Replace all 3 batteries as described in the ‘Batteries’ page of the instruction manual, ensuring they are placed in the correct polarity.

The Mixie isn't making sounds when I pet it.

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How do I use my Cauldron?

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Find out how to use the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron and your Mixie by watching the video below:

Where can I buy a Magic Mixie Magic Cauldron?

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Magic Mixies is available at all leading retailers. If you would like to know specific stockists in your country, please contact our customer service team at info@moosetoys.com

How many different types of Cauldrons are there?

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There are 2 different coloured cauldrons – 1x Pink Cauldron, 1x Blue Cauldron.

Does the colour of the Mixie match the Cauldron colour?

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Yes, if you purchase the pink cauldron, you will get a pink Mixie. If you purchase the blue cauldron, you will get a blue Mixie. The species may vary. There are 4 different creatures to discover (2 Pink Mixies and 2 Blue Mixies)

Is the mist safe for my child?

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Yes. When the mist is released to reveal the Magic Mixie Plush, it will have a significant fog-like effect and may have a mild odor. Please be assured it has been extensively tested and has been assessed by multiple independent, certified child-safety specialists ensuring there are no potential health and safety risks.

To generate the mist effect we have used Vegetable Glycerin which is safe for human consumption. It does not contain any animal by-products.

If you have concerns regarding this feature, please contact our customer service team at info@moosetoys.com

Can the Cauldron be used again?

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Yes, the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron can be reloaded and used to reveal the Magic Mixie again and again (or you can use the included Gem case to reveal other items). You can also purchase a refill pack if you would like new spell ingredients or more misting liquid once you have used it all.

How do I refill the mist in the Cauldron?

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The below video instructs you on how to refill the mist in your Cauldron.

Your Cauldron will have one of two refill positions.
Please visit the refill page to view and download the image of refill instructions for both refill locations:

How do I remove the Mixie from the Cauldron?

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To remove the Mixie from the Cauldron, make sure you remove the clear band from the Mixie’s chest and then release it by turning (quarter turn) in the direction of the artwork on the Mixie’s stomach.

How do I charge the Cauldron?

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The Cauldron comes with a USB cable to recharge the Cauldron battery – make sure you only use the supplied cable to charge the Cauldron. It can be used with all standard USB charging adaptors (not included in the pack).  When the battery is low, the red light next to the charging port will flash and a ‘low battery’ sound will play – all play functions will be disabled until the battery is charged. Open the side cover on the Cauldron and plug the Micro-USB end into the charger port and plug the USB-A end into a USB2.0 compatible port. The red light next to the charger port will stay on until the battery is fully charged (charge time is approximately 60 – 90 minutes). When the light turns off, take the charger out, close the side cover and continue playing with the Cauldron.

Why does the Mixie not respond when touching the wand to it's Gem?

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Ensure the switch on the Mixie has been pushed to the ‘ON’ position.

The Mixie will work it’s magic best when the tip of the Wand directly touches the top of the Gem, perpendicular to the Mixie.

How do I replace the Mixie's batteries?

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How do I clean the Mixie?

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If the Magic Mixie gets dirty, you and your child can gently clean it with a clean, damp cloth

How do I turn off the misting functionality?

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To use the Cauldron without the misting functionality, firstly unscrew the base of the cauldron to manually retrieve your Mixie. Then, reattach the base.

Switch the cauldron into ‘SPELL’ mode for play.

I am having trouble turning the reset key to reset the Cauldron

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I have lost the reset key - how can I reset the Cauldron?

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