Little Live Pets Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz are the wildest, gooey pet you can get! 

They are the squishiest, stretchiest, cutest pets that love to hang out with you.  They are full of fun and full of personality. Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz – Once they hug you, you’ll just want to hang with them! 

Explore the world of Little Live Pets!

Discover pets that come to life – these pets move, act and sound like the real thing! These pets have never been more alive and real, ready to create magical moments with.

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How to ensure best performance and to avoid any potential malfunction?

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Do not restrict movement of eyes.

Function does not match instruction. Eyes move slowly, or not at all.

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Always ensure switch inside Puppy’s belly is in “On” position, not the “OFF” position.

Batteries may be low. Low batteries may not allow full function.

Replace both with fresh batteries as described in the ‘batteries’ page of this manual.

Your pet may be in sleep mode.
In this case, turn ‘OFF’ and back ‘ON’.

Petting is not working

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The petting area on your buddy is small. To ensure it reacts, touch the forehand area directly on top of the pet’s head. In the case of the unicorn, this is beneath its horn. Using more than one finger to pet may improve effectiveness.

Shaking is not working

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Moving your pet gently may not result in a response. Either invert (turn your pet upside-down) rapidly multiple times or shake them quickly.

My Pet wont sleep

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If you want your pet to go to sleep, stop interacting with it.
If you are attempting to make your pet got to sleep by holding it upside-down, ensure you are not shaking it or rocking gently.

What are the characters fillings?

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Each character has the same filling which is made up of glucose syrup, mica and a TRP piece.