Capsule Chix Capsule Chix

Suitable for ages 6+ / 1 Season / 4 Collections

Let style surprise you with Capsule Chix, the head-turning cyber stylers who always look you-nique chic! Enter the future of fashion where every capsule delivers a fresh new addition to your wardrobe! Mix-and-match pieces to create looks that are truly one-of-a-kind. Let your style run wild!

Find out which Capsule Chix style suits you best Find out which Capsule Chix style suits you best

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Ctrl+Alt+Magic Lookbook

Giga Glam Lookbook

Ram Rock Lookbook

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Capsule Chix How To Video

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In this How To Video find out how to:

  • Unbox your Capsule Machine: 00:05
  • Get out a Capsule that’s stuck: 00:24
  • Build your doll from head to toe: 00:41
  • Put out on a plastic skirt: 00:57
  • Put on your Capsule Chix hair: 01:07
  • Put together the doll stand: 01:23

How many Capsule Chix are there to collect?

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There are over 400 pieces in Season 1 to collect – this includes all pieces from each collection, the limited editions and the Ultimix pack. With those 400+ pieces you can create over 4 Billion looks across Season 1.

What products make up Capsule Chix?

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There are two items that make up the Capsule Chix range: the Single Pack (available from 1st August) and the Ultimix Pack (available from 1st October).

The Single Pack comes in 4 Collections; Giga Glam, Ram Rock, Ctrl+Alt+Magic and Sweet Circuits.

The Ultimix Pack comes in 1 assortment but includes an exclusive doll from each collection.

There are over 400 pieces to collect and over 4 billion looks to create across Capsule Chix Series 1!

Can I recycle the Capsules/Packaging?

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The packaging and capsules are recyclable:

Capsule – PP
Plastic blister – PVC
Cardboard box – Paper
Rotor – PP

The dolls are blended plastic materials, and are not considered commonly recyclable.

How many looks can I create if I collect all pieces from 1 collection?

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You can create over 1000 unique looks if you collect all pieces in a single collection.

What parts of the doll can I mix and match?

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With Capsule Chix, you can build your very own, one-of-a-kind doll from head to toe. Create your YOU-NIQUE Capsule Chix by mixing and matching their hair, face, upper torso, lower torso, shoes, accessories and even their hand gestures!

How do I assemble the doll?

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Each Capsule Chix doll has a minimum of 15 parts you can mix and match. All pieces are detachable from the hair and head all the way down to feet and shoes. Simply pull apart and snap new pieces together.

Do all pieces fit together across the range?

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Yes, you can mix and match nearly every single part across the range. Note some larger pieces such as hair, skirts and soft goods will work better with certain dolls.