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Action Figures

Beast Lab

The POWER to SAVE the WORLD rests in your hands! The only way to PROTECT it is to create your BEAST! Conduct an experiment - activate the Beast Creator with your fingerprint & add the correct mixture of chaotic ingredients to create the BEAST that will save the WORLD from DEVASTATION! Which SHARK, REPTILE, CAT or DINO Beast will you create to battle against EVIL?
Magic Mixies

Magic Mixies

Experience real magic with the Magic Mixies range of products. You will be amazed when you see what magically appears from the mist when you finish casting your spell... who will you magically create?

Cookeez Makery

Cookeez Makery takes a plush toy and adds sensory tactile features with an amazing surprise reveal using heat! As children open the oven door they will discover their own warm and scented interactive plush friend in the shape of a yummy smelling baked treat to nurture and love.
Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets

Explore the world of Little Live Pets! Discover pets that come to life – these pets move, act and sound like the real thing! These pets have never been more alive and real, ready to create magical moments with.

Hi you! We’re Moose Toys

At Moose, we put the extraordinary into everything we do, trailblazing the way with innovative and award-winning toys. We exist to make kids Superhappy.

Moose Company Values

What does ‘WOW’ mean to Moose…? Find out all about the Moose Company values and how we bring them to life every day!

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