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Orchard Toys Pizza, Pizza! Game

  • 4+
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Match colors and shapes to make a perfect pizza! Be the first to fill your pizza board in this fun shape and color game, but watch out for the yucky toppings that need to go in the trash!

Players spin both spinners and find the pizza slice card that matches either the shape or color shown on one of the spinners and place it topping side up on their pizza playing board. If the pizza slice they have turned over shows a gruesome topping the Head Chef will make them throw it away!

The toppings will have children laughing as they try to avoid the spiders, worms and slugs that could ruin their pizza. As they play, children will learn about turn taking, and sharing as well as decision making and interacting with others.

Pizza Pizza is for children aged 3-7 and for 2-4 players.


What's Inside:
  • 25 Pizza Slices
  • 4 Pizza Base Boards
  • 1 Head Chef Board
  • 1 Spinner Board
  • 2 Spinners